Koehler & Riddick, LLC

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Christine A. Koehler and
Sumner E. Riddick, II
Managing Partners

For 12 years, Christine Koehler and Sumner Riddick have been providing legal representation to the Gwinnett Community, aggressively advocating for their clients to be heard.# Their firm, Koehler & Riddick, LLC, focuses on criminal and family law, as well as personal injury.

Because their history spans from working together as law school interns, Koehler and Riddick make a dependable legal team.# “We have created excellent relationships within the legal community for more than a decade,”# Koehler says.# She continues, “These relationships within the Gwinnett legal system, which we have worked hard to foster through volunteering and hard work, are crucial to helping our clients navigate the often confusing legal system.# We are not earning anyone”s respect on our client”s dime.# That respect is in place which allows us to fully focus on our clients and what”s best for them.”#

“We are passionate about getting our client”s side of things known and understood,”# Koehler says.# “Educating judges and juries from our client”s viewpoint is often the key to winning cases.”#

Strong client relationships are another foundation of Koehler and Riddick”s firm.# “We build relationships with our clients during the times they need us most.# People are in crisis when they come to see us, whether a family member has been injured or has been accused of breaking the law.# They”re not just clients, they”re family and friends and they have a partner in us that they can contact 24/7,”# Riddick says.

Overall this firm”s relationships with their clients set them apart in the legal arena.# “We fight for our clients on a very different level and we take every case very personally and each is important from the smallest to the biggest,” says Riddick.