Linking Businesses to Hispanic Customers

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If the key to business success is best positioning yourself to fill a need, Jose Puente may be in the perfect place.

#We develop marketing programs and strategies for companies looking to better reach the Spanish-speaking community,# says Puente, president and chief operating officer of Avenida America, a Duluth-based marketing and consulting firm.

Companies that successfully tap in to the U.S. Hispanic community open the doors to a market with $550 billion in annual purchasing power, according to Puente, who has watched Georgia#s Hispanic population grow by more than 1,500 percent in some counties and reach an $11 billion annual spending power.

Avenida America helps companies penetrate the Hispanic market through a gamut of services including market research, marketing plan development, media planning and buying, direct mail campaigns, e-mail marketing, promotions, public relations and brand messaging. The objective of Avenida America#s work is to use the right mix of marketing strategies to bridge the cultural values and needs of the Hispanic community with clients# products and services. Puente says that achieving success with a client comes through Avenida America taking four steps:

? learning about a client

? providing information to the client about how Hispanics use its type of product or service, including a layout of the market opportunities, developing a plan to position the firm#s products/services, and tracking and measuring the results of the plan.

One of the fastest growing parts of Avenida America#s business is an Internet site,, which is aimed at facilitating communication and transactions between local Hispanic business # and businesses with Spanish-speaking capability # and their customers. The company launched Atlanta as the first of several metro markets in 2001. Since then, it has added service in cities including Chicago, Dallas, Miami and New York. Say you#re a Spanish speaker and you need anything from an architect to an automobile? Type or click on the kind of product or service you want and you instantly receive a listing of the companies in the Atlanta area that can provide you with what you need in the language that you best understand. The strength of the site, Puente says, is that #it makes it easier for Spanish-speaking users to find what they#re looking for, no matter where they live.#

Other resources in the Avenida America toolbox include Spanish-language yellow pages that are distributed in various U.S. markets; an initiative that provides Hispanic households with coupons; and access to syndicated Spanish-language radio programming.

To learn more about Puente#s company (in English), visit

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