Little Free Libraries Have Big Impact

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Little Free LibraryThinking small can have a big impact. The first Little Free Libraries opened in Wisconsin in 2009 and grew to include over 2500 outlets across the country.# The movement encourages neighborhoods to set up small public spaces for sharing books while promoting literacy and a sense of community.

Run by volunteers called stewards, Little Free Libraries encourage patrons to “take a book and share a book.”## The stewards construct the library and provide the initial stock, but after the library becomes known in the community, the patrons themselves replenish the supply by leaving a book in place of the one they borrow.

Gwinnett County presently has three Little Free Libraries:

  • In Lawrenceville, located just inside the Boys and Girls Club of Lawrenceville, at 382 Stone Mountain St.,
  • In Duluth at 3301 Cardinal Lake Dr., and
  • Also in Duluth at 3679 Montrose Rose Ct.

Little Free Libraries range from the size of cedar birdhouses or mailboxes to small buildings while some are part of a larger complex. While wood is the most commonly-used building material, Little Free Libraries have been constructed from microwaves, old gas pumps, canoes, refrigerators, and beehives (without, of course, the bees!) and in a variety of creative shapes.

For more information, visit www.littlefreelibrary.org.

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