Local Artists Add Color, Charm to Historic Buford

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A visit to Historic Buford is a charming and unexpected treat. Elegant antiques, quirky memorabilia and excellent consignment bargains make for a fun afternoon of shopping. But the heart of the area lies in its growing artists# colony. A number of exciting local artists have studio and gallery space in the row of quaint old buildings, creating and selling works in media ranging from hand-spun yarns to stone.

It#s not unusual at all to see an artist or two at work on the sidewalk as you stroll the cobblestone walk. Step into any of the galleries and you#re likely to find not only lovely pieces of art, but the artists themselves, friendly and eager to talk about their work.

#It#s a great little community, but we do wish more people knew we were here,# said Karen Burnette Garner from her space inside J. Reid Galleries. #When you come here, you get an original work from a local artist, not just a print that you#ll see on everyone else#s walls.# A painting is in progress on the workspace in front of her, the wall behind her covered with landscapes and other scenes in delightfully vibrant colors. J. Reid is also home to the blown glass of Rozelle Morton-Bush, Judith Surowiec#s colorful acrylics and Mavis Stevens# engaging textile creations.

A few doors down, Main Street Galleries is home to Lynne McIntosh#s nationally known equine art, Soonie Kexnor#s evocative landscapes and Mary Pratt#s touching portraits. If wood is your weakness, the satiny finishes and innovative craftsmanship showcased in The Gallery of Fine Wood will be a true pleasure. If you prefer garden sculptures and metal arts, the short walk to Gallery 150 is definitely worth the trip.

#Wednesdays are a great day to visit,# said Mavis Stevens. #There are usually several of us at work up and down the street, and we usually have a sale table set up.# The Shops and Galleries of Historic Buford are located on Main Street in Buford, Georgia, just three miles from The Mall of Georgia.