Local Independent Filmmakers Showcase Their Work in Norcross

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An opportunity for local, independent filmmakers is being introduced in Historic Norcross, a community known as one of Gwinnett”s top hubs for art and cultural variety. The Filmmaker”s Showcase, hosted by the Norcross Arts Alliance (NAA) is a free event scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 22, from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. in the Norcross Cultural Arts & Community Center (NCACC) at 10 College Street.

This showcase features work produced by several filmmakers who produce throughout the Atlanta area and call Norcross home, in some cases because they are literally residents of the city, as well as business-based in the area.

Residents Suzan Satterfield and Allen Facemire are veterans in the filmmaking business as owners of SaltRun Productions. Since 1989, they have reportedly been pursuing television projects with great storytelling angles, larger-than-life characters and the potential to open viewers” minds and hearts to new ideas. They have produced several TV series, including the long-running HGTV series “Ground Breakers”# and “Fresh from the Orchard”# and “Mega Dens,”# which both air on the DIY Network.

At Norcross” Filmmaker”s Showcase, the team will tell a little-known story about the famous Atlanta restaurant, Herren”s. According to Ms. Satterfield, “Few people know now that Herren”s Restaurant was at the epicenter of Atlanta integration. “Herren”s”# tells the story of Atlanta”s boom, decline and rise from the ashes through the personal experience of Ed and Jane Negri and the Sheltons, who were the first African American families to integrate the restaurant. It”s a simple story of sweet rolls and hard decisions.”#

Another veteran, Emmy Award-winning David Duke of, will present “Remembering Miz Jones,”# the poetic story of a strange old woman living alone in a mountain holler and the 10-year-old city boy whose life is transformed by knowing her.

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