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by April Cameron

Ever feel like you”re running at 100 miles a minute trying to get everything done, but somehow something always gets forgotten? Who doesn”t, right? It really can be an overwhelming experience to try to stay on top of everything from your work to your kids” school to your volunteer positions to just running the household. But, alas, all is not lost. Businesses are figuring out innovative ways to make your life easier. Try out some of these services and see if you can S-L-O-W down just a bit!

You Have a Delivery!
Sometimes having your clothes dry-cleaned just seems like a necessary evil. Sure they have drive-thru windows to try to make it easier, but why does it always seem like you can”t get back into traffic on the right side of the road from the store? Or, when you get home, you realize you forgot to take in that one shirt you found behind the chair. Get that dry cleaning thorn out of your side! Now, there are services that actually come to your house and pick up your clothes and deliver them back to you once they are cleaned.

Pick “N” Dry Express is a Gwinnett-based business offering pick up and delivery service for dry cleaning. The company was founded by Angela Sanchez and will visit your home or office for the service.

"We wanted to start a business that would save people time in their everyday lives. Our service allows our customers to spend more time doing the things they really want to do. Or, in many cases, it enables our customers to shorten their commute times by not having to stop at the cleaners on the way to or from work," said Sanchez.

Pick “N” Dry simply performs the delivery service, and they partner with a dry cleaning facility to provide the cleaning services. "We tested numerous facilities in order to find one that would provide the quality of service that our customers deserve," said Sanchez.

And, believe it or not, it really doesn”t cost anymore than a regular dry-cleaning service. Sanchez said that Pick “N” Dry will deliver dry cleaning for the same price as most storefront cleaners.

To sign up for the service, call 678-407-9811 or visit www.pickndry.com.

A Clean House is a Happy House
Uugghh. The last thing anyone wants to do after a busy day or when they finally get a free moment on the weekend is to clean house. Go ahead and make the small investment in a house cleaning service.

Ask your neighbors if they have a service they use or turn to the ol” Yellow Pages and look one up. But, make sure they are bonded and insured to keep your home and its belongings safe.

A well-known and reputable company for cleaning services is Maid Brigade. All employees are bonded and insured, and all maids undergo background checks as well as receive training under the Maid Brigade standards.

The company also makes sure your home is cleaned the way you like it. If you have a special request or want to "delete" a task from a typical cleaning service, just let them know. Maid Brigade will customize your cleaning service to your needs.

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