Maximizing Video Marketing Potential

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Enhance your traditional printed marketing collateral while creating a unique experience for your employees, clients, and prospects.

“When someone asks you to check out a video online, it feels like work,” said Glenn Gryder, Account Executive for Video into Print (VIP). “A video brochure has a totally different feel. It holds your interest and you’re more inclined to focus on the message and watch to the end.”

Encapsulated in a video brochure is a wafer thin motherboard with a screen that comes in a variety of sizes. It fits inside a customized printed piece and it begins to play when the cover is opened. The device is capable of holding up to 1 hour of content. A standard USB connection allows you to recharge the batteries and easily change your content, making a video brochure reusable and especially user-friendly.

“We are the only local and experienced distributor of these devices,” added Gryder. “We have the in-depth knowledge of the technology to make these devices work, and work well for our clients.”

These interactive brochures are ideal for presentations, training, invites, recruiting and fundraising. The marketing, advertising and brand building applications are infinite.

“As technology advances and the internal components decrease in size, these devices will become more commonplace,” said Gryder. “In the future, we’re looking forward to adding Wi-Fi hotspots and an option to make a direct call to a call center.”

Industry studies have concluded that video greatly expedites buying decisions over plain print, so join the ranks of Maserati, Porsche, AT&T, Berkshire Hathaway, DKNY, Godfrey Hirst and Lithonia Lighting – all of which have taken advantage of this innovative marketing option.

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