Meet Bucky Johnson

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City of Norcross

Our Story: The people who live and work in Norcross inspired many of the services the city offers. We provide a great recycling program, trash collection, water and sewage services and private electric service. Plus, we have one of the most highly rated police departments in the United States – Norcross services are top notch!

How We Help: By being active in Gwinnett and on the metro scene, I think I”ve helped make people aware of what a fantastic community Norcross is. There”s a creative, progressive mentality here that is exciting to work with and represent.

Problems We Solve: People often feel they don”t have a voice in government, and that”s not the case here. We stress a clear and open communication between the city and its citizens – there”s a strong partnership resulting in a dynamic community.

Results We Deliver: I believe in strong customer service, a philosophy embraced by everyone who works for the city. Officials and staff are available by cell and email with a 24-hour or less response time, and it”s one-stop shopping at City Hall.

What Makes Us Unique: There”s an exceptional energy here and an environment that encourages connectivity. People get involved in events, they cross paths downtown, know their neighbors. There”s a very real and welcoming sense of community.

What”s Next: There”s always room to grow and new ideas cross my radar everyday. I”ve got the time and the passion to continue supporting Norcross, so I plan on staying “plugged in”# one way or another. It”s an awesome community!

Phone: 678-421-2027
Fax: 770-242-0824
65 Lawrenceville Street
Norcross, GA 30071