Meet John Addison

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Chairman of Distribution and Co-CEO## #
Primerica, Inc.

Our Story: Primerica is the largest independent financial services distribution company in North America. They help mainstream families solve the fundamental financial challenges that keep them from achieving financial independence.

How We Help: We sell term life insurance to make sure both our clients and their families are adequately protected. We help families by getting them out of debt with fundamental financial solutions and saving money through mutual funds and variable annuities in order to pave the way to financial security.

Problems We Solve: The biggest problem we solve is that most Americans have no financial game plan and if they do, it”s usually a disastrous one. We help families put together a road map to achieve financial independence.

Results We Deliver: We typically serve middle income families with little or no life insurance protection or savings and who have accumulated a lot of debt. We help reverse that course for our clients by recommending savings programs, proper protection and debt management solutions so they can gain greater financial stability.

What Makes Us Unique: Our people make us unique. In Gwinnett, we have an incredibly loyal and long-term staff of 1,700 people, 400 of whom have been with the company for more than 20 years.

What”s Next: One of our biggest accomplishments in these challenging economic times is becoming a Gwinnett-based public company, not just a division of a big New York corporation. Now, we want to take our newfound freedom, build our business and grow our distribution system and sales force.

Phone: 770-381-1000
Fax: 770-564-6110
3120 Breckinridge Boulevard
Duluth, GA 30099