Meeting Personnel Needs

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The top five reasons to use a staffing agency
Is business booming while you can#t crank the work out fast enough? Or conversely, have things slowed down to the point that you might have to cut back on staffing? Then what happens when business picks back up?

One of the best ways for businesses to respond to personnel needs is to use a staffing agency. We asked Jamie Jones, CPC, CTS, vice president of Snelling Personnel Services in Duluth, to tell us more about the benefits of working with a staffing agency. Here are her top five reasons to work with an agency:

1. An agency saves you time by doing the recruiting for you and only presents you with qualified candidates that have all the requirements of the position. All candidates are pre-screened, interviewed, tested on skill sets and reference checked to ensure quality.

2. Working with an agency for temporary needs saves your company money by allowing a flexible workforce. You can increase or decrease your staff depending on your workflow within the company.

3. The quality of candidates is very high. An agency can locate quality candidates for full-time positions within a company who would not normally respond to an ad in the paper or on a job board.

4. Agencies are experts in the field. Their business is to find quality employees and match them with the right environments. They interview such volumes of employees that they are able to make the right fits within organizations.

5. Working with an agency keeps productivity high within a company while a search for the position takes place. Because the agency does all the legwork to find the right candidate, employees within your company can continue to do their jobs.

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