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Morning Meditation

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Silence. The beautifully blank canvas of an early morning is an ideal setting for personal reflection. Rose-tinted skies give way to blue, and the world is a stage where some read, some write, some walk, some pray, some run and some meditate. Whatever the preference, moments spent in morning meditation shape the day, put problems into perspective, provide pause and promote peace.

No matter the method, ambiance is key. Readers and writers enjoy the quiet surrounds of a still living room or a peaceful porch, the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafting on the early morning air. Joggers and walkers thrill to the chill of brisk air, hard pavement and deep breathing. Those who pray sometimes lie or kneel in the still, pondering life”s deeper issues and talking with God. And yoga or Tai Chi enthusiasts simply stretch into the moment, quieting the mind and stilling the body.

Says missionary Linda Johnson of Gwinnett, "I like to start by praying God will provide strength and wisdom for the day and letting Him know I”m at his service. In the middle of the chaos of getting two children off to school, my meditation time is measured in small doses, but starting each day God-centered is my ultimate goal and one I treasure each new morning." Adds Simonton Elementary School ParaPro Kay Bargamian, "I sit in the “healing chair” in our bedroom, old and comfortable but a favorite destination during sickness, after surgery or just at the end of a busy day. Starting with deep breathing, I listen to the silence or to that “small voice inside.” Thoughts pop into my mind and on good days, I just let them pass through. Sometimes I use my meditation time for prayer, especially if issues are weighing on my mind. It's often a time when I receive creative ideas for projects or solutions to problems."A nine-year veteran of morning meditation, Bargamian plans to continue, saying she treasures the great start to the day and the resulting peace and calm. Long-distance hiker Betsy Booth of Snellville who walks daily with her dogs in almost any weather calls this time her mental health break. She says, "My 30-minute walk is an uninterrupted time to ponder everything mothers consider, from daily schedules to vacation planning. I love being outside and experiencing nature and wildlife and in my suburban neighborhood have seen fox, deer, great blue herons, cedar waxwings, scarlet tanagers, snapping and painted turtles and an abundance of baby ducks and geese."

Listen to the quiet. Run yourself ragged. Thrill to the chill or bask in the warmth. Stretch your limits. Whatever your preference, especially if getting up early is new to you, don”t delay any longer. Perhaps getting out of bed will be the biggest hurdle you”ll face, but wisdom waits for those who give their minds what they want most – the magic of morning meditation.