New Bachelors of Education Degree

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The Gwinnett University Center continues to expand and offer more exciting new programs for citizens in the community. The latest addition to the catalog, a Bachelor of Education Degree in Instructional Psychology, Training and Technology is offered by the University of Georgia”s College of Education. This Bachelors degree is intended for students who are interested in training and workforce development. It is NOT a teacher certification program.

This program is ideal for people who are already working in the field of training or human resource development and want to improve their skills and become more effective in their jobs. It will help experienced people who already have careers and need a degree to get promoted or to continue in their jobs. Individuals who are planning a career change, and who want to move into the growing field of training, adult education or instructional design, will also benefit from this degree. It is perfect for anyone who is interested in improving workplace performance and in helping people and companies succeed.

UGA”s Bachelor Degree in Instructional Psychology, Training, and Technology was created in direct response to a growing need in our community. Business owners and community leaders recognized the need for such a program and the Gwinnett University Center responded. UGA faculty from the College of Education worked together with GUC leadership to create this new program designed to meet current and future economic and workforce development needs.

This new Bachelors Degree is an innovative, interdisciplinary program. Four different departments in UGA”s College of Education worked together to develop courses that complement and support each other to provide students with the best possible education and experiences to be successful in the field. Students will take courses in Instructional Technology, Educational Psychology, Adult Education and Occupational Studies. For students who want to continue their education, this degree will give them the foundation they need to enter a Masters or Doctoral Degree program in any of these four departments. There are very few bachelors degree programs like this in the country, and the University of Georgia is proud to bring this innovative new program exclusively to the Gwinnett University Center.

This degree program will focus on how adults learn and how to design programs that meet the changing needs of our diverse workforce. Students will learn how to determine training needs and how to measure the effectiveness of instructional programs. They will also learn how to use programs and cutting edge technology to promote learning and to create distance and virtual learning environments as companies experience the globalization of their workforce. Electives recommended for this program are in business and management. All students in the program will round out their education with real-world experience, through an internship in business, industry or a non-profit setting.

Students who complete this degree program will be prepared to enter one of the several Masters or doctoral degree programs. They may choose to enter one of a variety of careers such as instructional designer, organizational development, human resource development, trainer or adult educator, training manager or career center advisor. They will also be qualified to apply for jobs in business, industry, non-profit agencies, museums, and the military. Many people with this type of degree go on to be self-employed consultants. GUC encourages thier students to participate in professional organizations as they learn about the many opportunities in this field.

To learn more about the program, go to Specific questions about the program or the application process to should be directed to Dr. Elinor Greene at (678) 407-5203 or via email at egreene@coe.uga

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