New Beginnings, New Journey

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Opal, 2010

Heroes Project Update: Opal Mincey-Beaver

For Opal Mincey-Beaver, being a carcinoid cancer survivor, every day is a new beginning. “I try to make the most of the best and the least of the worst,” says Opal.

Opal, 2011

Since we last visited with our 2010 Hero, Opal has remained on Octreotide – in which she gets two to three injections per day. Also, a recent CT scan discovered a stable 1.6 cm mass on her abdominal wall.

Although through all the treatments and diagnoses, Opal has kept her head-up and continues to support others battling cancer. “I am in a active carcinoid support group (MACAG). We have medical professionals speak to our group on any new information and procedures,” she says.

Her recommendations for cancer patients include researching all the information on your type of cancer, doctors offered and hospitals that treat your disease. Get a second or third opinion if you”re not sure of your treatments and options. Find a cancer support group and try to stay active and exercise. Finally, think positive, don”t give up and hope for the best!