New Horizons Internal Medicine Provides Long-Term Personalized and Preventative Care

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Dr. Ralph Jackson

Making Gwinnett his medical home for the last 30 years, Dr. Ralph Jackson has offered the highest level of quality care through personal patient relationships, advancing technology and continuing education at his practice, New Horizons Internal Medicine. “We”re a full service internal medicine office that specializes in the management and treatment of adult medicine,” he says.

The practice, which opened in 1991, presently operates two locations in Gwinnett “one office in Lawrenceville and one in Duluth and serves adolescents (15 and up), adults and geriatrics. Dr. Jackson also serves on staff at Gwinnett Medical Center (Lawerenceville and Duluth) and Emory Johns Creek Hospital. “Our goal is to assist patients care by providing flexible office visits, being the on-call physician for hospitalizations and coordinating outpatient care,” Dr. Jackson says. The medical team also has established working relationships with many subspecialists in the community, which relieves the pressure for patients searching for the appropriate specialist.

Focusing on the prevention and treatment of adult diseases, New Horizons Internal Medicine is prepared and trained to handle whatever diagnosis a patient brings – no matter how common or rare, simple or complex. The team manages severe chronic illness and pain, multi-system disease processes and situations where several illnesses may strike at once. This includes treating such conditions as diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, stroke management and prevention, gastrointestinal (GI) disorders, anxiety and depression, ADHD, asthma/COPD and gynecology. They also care for patients during their hospitalization stay as well as perform minor surgical procedures and lacerations.

New Horizons Internal Medicine is also committed to wellness education and disease prevention. “We believe entirely the in process of comprehensive preventative medicine so that our patients understand the causes of diseases and how to prevent those diseases from developing,” says Dr. Jackson. The doctor and his staff educate patients on preventive services such as maintaining a healthy weight, controlling your lipids, sustaining a healthy diet and exercise, and treating diabetes if diagnosed. They also guide and instruct each patient on appropriate medication and insulin usage when needed.

The medical team has begun to integrate new medical developments into their practice. “We”re currently developing a brand new website, so our patients can conveniently schedule their appointments online. Our goal is to continue to engage and embrace technology to keep up with today times.”

Although internists, like Dr. Jackson, may act as primary care physicians, their expertise covers a broader range of medical specialties and they are often call upon by other physicians to help solve puzzling diagnostic problems. “One of the biggest differences between us and other practices is most people have to admit themselves into the hospital, while we have the ability to admit our own patients and guide them through their hospitalization or surgery.”

Dr. Jackson”s one-on-one approach with his patients allows him build relationships that last for a lifetime. “Because of our long-term relationships, we strive to provide the best quality care and comfort for all our patients by consistently focusing on preventive medicine and care. Our mission is to see every patient live a healthy lifestyle,” said Dr. Jackson.

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