New initiatives, new brand

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by Jim Maran

The Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce recently unveiled our new brand and corporate identity – an identity you'll see reflected in our new ads in Gwinnett Magazine and elsewhere. The enhancement of the chamber”s already strong image is designed to visually promote our overall brand and image through a more strategic approach to communicating with our key audiences and valued residents like you.

The new brand and identity, based on solid research from our members, creatively positions the Gwinnett chamber as a leader in the Southeast, differentiates us from other organizations, and resembles the image and brands of companies we”re trying to attract.

Our new corporate identity incorporates a graphic "mark" inspired by comments from members and community leaders illustrating how the Gwinnett chamber often serves as a "hub," bringing together the four strategic areas of business, healthcare, education, and government. It also represents bringing together businesses of different sizes, industries, cultures and communities.

The chamber”s new brand essence is In Business for You, reflecting the historic success and core equity of the chamber. As Gwinnett”s leading business organization, the Gwinnett chamber is "in business" for a number of audiences: top company executives, middle management, small company executives, consultants, entrepreneurs, citizens, elected officials, schools, the community at large, newcomers, site location consultants, relocating companies, and more.

In future editorials for Gwinnett Magazine and our other communications, we”ll focus on eight key benefits the chamber provides to our members and three key benefits we provide to our community.

For our members, the chamber exists to make you successful; we”re a place where everyone belongs; and we”re the best place to get involved in the community, stay informed of the latest issues and trends, gain business knowledge, network and make valuable connections, and develop personally and professionally. Together, these benefits of membership make the chamber a great return on your investment.

For the community at large, the chamber helps Gwinnett succeed and prosper, builds stronger communities, and improves individual and economic opportunities for everyone.

Our branding rollout is timed to coincide with a number of high-profile initiatives we are coordinating this fall. They are tangible and visionary programs that highlight the benefits mentioned above. They include "Partnership Gwinnett: A Shared Vision for the Future", the foundation of a long-term community and economic development plan for Gwinnett with the help of our partners in county government, the school system, title sponsor Scientific Atlanta, Gwinnett Health System, the municipalities, CIDs and more; the inaugural Strategic Leadership Visit to Fairfax County, Va., designed to bring Gwinnett and metro Atlanta leaders together with their counterparts to learn best practices in a number of critical areas; and First and Goal: The Drive for Five, our first total resource campaign designed to finance new and existing programs to further Gwinnett”s economic and community development and the growth of member businesses.

One day, we will look back on 2006 as a defining year for the Gwinnett chamber and our community. Our new brand and our exciting new programs and initiatives are befitting your Gwinnett chamber, now one of the largest and most successful chambers in the Southeast with membership that stretches from Hartsfield Jackson International Airport to Athens.

It is an exciting time for our organization and our community, but it would not have happened without our members and leaders from throughout our community. As we move forward in our efforts to aggressively market the county and grow Gwinnett”s economy, I look forwa