November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month

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While every homeless pet deserves a loving home, it”s so important to promote adoption of senior pets, especially during a time of year when so much attention is on puppies and kittens as holiday presents.

Unfortunately, many senior pets end up abandoned at shelters when their humans decide they are no longer cute and cuddly. Rather than making a lifetime commitment to their 4-legged friend, some people decide to trade their companion in for a newer, younger model, as if they were getting a new car. As a result, so many older pets face an uncertain fate at a shelter, where very few of them will be adopted or rescued.

Why consider a senior pet?

1) What you see is what you get!

2) Older pets require less exercise!

3) Older pets are often already trained!

What can you do to help older pets?

1) Consider adopting an older pet. When you are ready to add a new pet to your family, don”t overlook the older and adult pets.

2) Foster an older pet. If you can”t make a permanent commitment, but want to help, consider fostering. The number of pets any rescue group is able to help is almost always determined by the number of foster homes. Older pets often need long-term fosters, so keep that in mind if you want to foster.

4) Donate to the AARF Silver Paws Program, which matches senior pets with senior folks. It seems obvious to say that every dollar makes a difference, but every dollar does make a difference.

For more information, visit aarfatlanta.org.

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