Planning Your Holiday Lodging

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Holiday Survival Series

For many in Gwinnett County who wish to celebrate holidays with family and friends, the travel time spent in cars or planes en route to gatherings has become part of the tradition. If you and your family will need to book lodging as part of your trip, remember the number one rule: BOOK EARLY! Rooms near major metropolitan areas fill up quickly during the peak holiday season (generally Dec. 10-Jan. 1), and you don”t want to find the vacancy nearest your destination to be miles out of town.

Chain hotels like Hampton Inn, Best Western and Holiday Inn Express are reliable and relatively inexpensive, and many include breakfast in their price. Hotel booking web sites like Hotel.com, Expedia, Orbitz, or TripAdvisor allow travelers to take advantage of competitive pricing and often share previous guests” reviews and their candid photos of specific hotels.

Online booking through one of the web sites above will likely be your best bet for good prices. Avoid booking directly on the hotel chain”s web site or calling the 1-800 number as their prices can be substantially higher than those on discount sites. On the other hand, after noting the online pricing, you might save even more by calling the hotel”s front desk directly to inquire about any specials in progress that are not advertised online. Discounts are often available to AAA members as well.

If you have out-of-town guests in need of a hotel over the holidays, the reliable chain hotels mentioned above have several franchises in various locations in and around Gwinnett County. Or, if you and your guests want more festive lodging, the Ch##teau #?lan Inn in Braselton is taking reservations for the Saison Festive Package (December 15-30), the Versailles Christmas Day Buffet, and the New Year”s Eve Package.

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