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Potting Benches

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Potting BenchesFor the avid and occasional gardener alike, the arrival of spring means planting, and a potting bench can make your task more convenient.# Whether you build your own or purchase a potting bench, it provides a central place for your containers, soil, and gardening tools and saves you the discomfort of squatting or kneeling to pot those geraniums and petunias.

If you want a rustic look, consider building a potting bench from shipping pallets


Similarly, you can use an old door as the tabletop for the potting bench, and if you have access to an old sink from a remodeling project or yard sale, you can cut a hole in the tabletop for the sink and have a plumber hook it to the water supply.


Whatever design you choose, you should allow for plenty of storage room.# Most potting benches have one or several shelves and sometimes a cabinet under the main counter space.# Above the counter space it”s a good idea to have shelves for supplies and hooks for tools.# Some potting benches have a hole covered with mesh or latticework in the main tabletop so that you can brush spilled soil into a container beneath.



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