Remembering Mary

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Mary, 2009

Heroes Project Update: Mary Meekins

Mary Meekins passed away on July 5, 2010 from a long battle with kidney cancer. We will always remember our 2009 Hero as giving women full of love for God, her family, her friends and the community.

Gwinnett Magazine would like to honor Mary today for the time spent on this Earth giving back, staying strong, sharing joy and her endless efforts in building cancer awareness.

Read below for additional words from her family in remembrance of Mary.

My Mary who I will always love,

I did not know what to do. I wanted to make things lighter for you. I did not know what to say. I have so much love for you; I wondered if things should have gone this way. For 31 years you were by my side, I never knew that I could miss a person as much as I miss you. You were such a strong person, never complaining. You worried more about me than you did yourself. You never accepted cancer and you never gave up. Your fight was long, for 10 years you were fighting it relentlessly. Only your faith in God kept you. On March 10, 2011, I will be at your gravesite wishing you “Happy Birthday.” You slipped away from me on July 5, 2010.

Thank you Gwinnett Magazine for honoring the memory of my loving wife, Mary Meekins and Relay For Life.

Her Loving Husband,
Roosevelt Meekins


I appreciate Gwinnett Magazine for honoring the memory of my mother, Mary Meekins.

To my mother whom I will always love,

You gave so much of yourself to others and not once did you accept cancer and all the pain it brought. Instead you overcame, pressed on and you beat it. Yes, you beat it because cancer did not take your faith, your mind or your will to survive. You are not here with us on Earth, but you are here with us in spirit. My mother, Mary Louise Meekins, would have been 64 years old on March 10, 2011. Her birth will still be celebrated because of the life she lived.

Mother, you are a cancer survivor now you walk with angels; no more pain and suffering. I love and miss you so much.

Your Daughter,
Cassandra Wesco


I feel so sad, I loved my sister Mary so very much. She was a great sister. She struggled for ten years, went through a tough battle with cancer and fought very hard. I am trying to keep calm and I am coping with her loss one day at a time.

With Love Always,
Her Sister,


My mom left a son, granddaughter, Brianna, and a grandson, Caelan, on this Earth with the strength, will and knowledge to conquer life day-by-day. She is in Heaven looking over us and I feel her presence ever day. Ma, I miss so much!

-Charles Wesco (Son)

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