SCANA Energy”s New Rate Plan Combines Security and Flexibility

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For consumers of any scale, nothing”s more painful than a bad case of buyer”s remorse. Whether you”re a home buyer stricken the moment you sign the mortgage papers or second-guessing an episode of retail therapy, concern over a buying decision is as common as – well, buying.

SCANA Energy”s recent introduction of its exclusive FlexRate”# is, in fact, designed to stave off buyer”s remorse for residential customers. “We wanted to give customers who locked in their natural gas rate some additional flexibility and peace of mind,”# says George Devlin, vice president and general manager of SCANA Energy.

With FlexRate”#, customers can lock in their therm price for one-year – a security feature that many enjoy – and still have an option to change the rate one time during that contract period without penalty. “It”s the proverbial best of both worlds. You benefit from knowing your rate is locked in, but you still have the option to make a change and lock in an even lower rate if you see that opportunity,”# explained Devlin.

SCANA Energy is the only natural gas marketer in Georgia to offer a locked-in rate plan with this feature, and is having some fun with the promotional efforts for FlexRate”#.# A series of television spots and Webisodes chronicling the company”s “Affairs of the Flame”# campaign introduce consumers to Margaret, Hamilton and Javier.# Conflicted Margaret just can”t choose between honest and dependable Hamilton, who”s willing to change to suit her, and too-hot-to-be-true Javier. The continuing drama is delivered in the best tongue-in-cheek “afternoon drama”# style with contests and special posts on the SCANA Energy Facebook page.

SCANA Energy is also offering $75 in bill credits to new customers who choose the FlexRate”# plan. For more information, visit

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