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Second-hand Shops Offer Character, Quality

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antiquesStepping inside one of countless consignment, antique or second-hand stores in Gwinnett County, you”re as likely to find a vintage suitcase or mahogany rocking chair as you are a complete set of mint-condition Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures.

There”s something to be said for shops that sell antiques and second-hand items. If you ask the owner of one of many used goods stores in Gwinnett County, there”s likely a whole lot to be said.

According to Mary Hollowell, who owns Ally”s Attic – a quality used furniture, antiques and accessories business with locations in Lawrenceville and Snellville – buying used means purchasing “quality goods. Some of the new stuff out there right now, it”s just made out of cardboard.”#

Ally”s Attic is an antique shop, which sells valued used goods, whereas a consignment store sells items on behalf of the original owner, who receives a percentage of the selling price.

Consignment store owner Melissa Baxter said that shopping for used items “allows you to shop quality items without breaking your budget.”# Baxter owns Lilburn”s Back by Popular Demand. It contains 8,000 square-feet of ladies clothing, shoes and accessories.

She likened finding a good pair of jeans to “finding a good man. It”s not easy. It”s an investment. A woman can wear everything they own with the right pair of jeans.”#

Baxter said her clothing consignment store offers many different options, which she said is the charm of her shop and countless others.

Hollowell too said that variety is key. “It”s anything from fine china to antique hand grenades,”# she said.

To walk into an antique or consignment shop is like a trip into another world, said Vintage Village Owner Debbie Formento. She said customers of her antique and collectibles store tend to think of it as “a happy place, where they can leave behind the turmoil of the world.”#

The 20-year-old store offers 5,600-square feet of just about anything you can imagine.

Baxter said shopping at a consignment or antique shop is just smart. “When you walk out of a regular store with a brand-new item, it loses most of its value the moment you”re out the door. When you shop used, you”re investing in something that costs less, but it”s top quality.”#

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