See “Life in the Slow Lane” with Turtle Exhibit

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turtlesThink turtles have an easy life?# Well, you might think twice after a visit to Turtle Travels, a new special exhibition at the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center (GEHC) that gives visitors experience life in the “slow lane.”#

Visitors of all ages will explore turtles firsthand through interactive games, images, artifacts and video of what it is like to be a turtle moving through local habitats.# Guests can advance from one station to the next as they get nose to beak with live turtles in a crawl under aquatic tank, try on a turtle shell, help turtles to safety and follow a sea turtle as it swims.

Discover facts about what it is like to be a turtle – how their bodies adapt themselves to many different habitats, why turtles needs shells, the kinds of hazards they encounter in the wild, why turtles have been important to many different cultures and more.

The exhibit includes a variety of components for families, including a Swiss Army turtle that illustrates how a turtle”s body parts are adapted to fit its environment, interactive games that use the science of radio telemetry to track turtles through their terrain and a restful spot for lounging on a turtle and discovering the many turtles that star in children”s tales.# There are also live turtles on display, including special guests from a local school.

Turtle Travels was created by the Environmental Exhibit Collaborative and will be at the GEHC through January 3, 2014.# The exhibit is sponsored by the GEHC Foundation and is included in the price of admission.# For more information about the Turtle Travels exhibit and the GEHC, visit