Southern Barter Club Helps Non-Profits

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Laurie and Henry Sossa

The Business Pages: July/Aug 2013
“# Gains

Public advocates and Gwinnett-based Southern Barter Club founders Henry and Laurie Sossa extend to non-profit organizations incentives that help offset operational expenses such as free membership and waiving transaction fees for trade services.

Through Southern Barter Club, non-profits can utilize trade dollars for fundraising activities, that in turn results in greater participation and increasing their barter credit to be used for priority needs. In addition, member organizations can now create direct one-on-one barter with individuals and businesses to accept all donations, even if the donation is not beneficial for their organization. This allows the barter club to resell the donated items for barter to other members, thus adding to the non-profit organization”s barter credits that can be used to offset cash spending for operational needs.

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