Spend an evening with the arts

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In the mood for a romantic evening out? Can”t think of the perfect place to take your date or mate? How about an arts event? A play, ballet, museum or concert can all provide the perfect backdrop to an exciting evening on the town.

The weather is warmer and the evenings longer (thanks to daylight saving time) allowing for festive and creative ways to spend an afternoon or evening. Why not purchase a casual dinner, to-go, and sit down in a nearby park or green space to enjoy a romantic picnic prior to the main event of your choice. Gwinnett County is blessed with an abundance of parks and green space for couples and families to enjoy. Combine that with a local arts event and you create an experience that lasts well beyond the drive home. Something to talk about and recall for years to come.

I had the pleasure of attending an outdoor concert last summer that had the added benefit of torrential down pours. The singer and orchestra continued to play on as they were well protected from nature”s fury, but the audience had a choice to make. Run for the exits and safety of their cars or stay and enjoy the moment. My friends, thank heavens, chose to remain and endure the soaking. What a wonderful choice we made. Not only was the concert spectacular we now have a wealth of outrageous memories that linger of covering up with every available plate, tablecloth and serving dish that we had at our disposal.

Not in the mood for floods and music. Then take in a weekend matinee and follow that with an evening stroll through one of Gwinnett”s many diverse town centers. You”ll see many towns undergoing revitalization and a wide variety of unique shops. Window shop at your leisure if they are closed. However, if you have the time take a few moments to stop in if they are open for business. You”ll find shopkeepers that are more like friends than sales people. You”ll be reminded of what makes a small town great and why so many of us chose to make Gwinnett our home, the people.

There are a million different ways for you to combine a leisure event with an arts event. You”ll find a whole new world of entertainment awaits you if you take a few moments to ponder the possibilities. I”ve listed some websites to assist in finding events and cities that would make for enjoyable outings. Seek and ye shall find. The list is by no means exhaustive but it will give you a great place to start.

Enjoy the arts daily,

Anthony P. Rodriguez
Producing Artistic Director
Aurora Theatre, Inc.


Need some help planning an arts outing? Check out these websites for assistance:

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