Spring Breaks

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CHOAChildren”s Healthcare of Atlanta tackles broken bones “#

Spring is in the air and kids are heading back outdoors, which means more chances for broken bones. In fact, 50 percent of pediatric fractures happen outdoors. From falling off the monkey bars to sliding into home plate, Children”s Healthcare of Atlanta has seen it all.

Parents may be surprised to learn that treatments used for fractures, sprains or strains on adults can cause problems with normal bone growth if used on children and teens. In children and teens, bone growth happens at specific parts of the bone called growth plates. Growth plates are important parts of your child”s body. They determine the length and shape of a mature bone. If the growth plate is damaged by a fracture, your child”s bones may not grow the correct way.

Growth plates may be damaged by a fracture or another injury. This could:

”   #Prevent a bone from growing further.

”   #Change how a bone functions.

”   #Cause a bone to stop growing straight.

”   #Produce a shortened arm or leg.

It is important for children to see doctors who specialize in treating growing bodies. The orthopaedic specialists providing services for Children”s use treatment methods that can control growth, allowing fractures to heal quickly, using the least invasive methods possible.

Fracture Care Program
If you suspect a fracture, visit the pediatric-trained doctors and nurses at Children”s five metro Atlanta Urgent Care Centers or the Emergency Departments at our Egleston or Scottish Rite hospitals. Onsite X-ray services allow our doctors to quickly and accurately diagnose and treat a child”s injury. If additional care is needed, the pediatric orthopaedic surgeons in our Fracture Care Program can use digital technology to view X-rays in real time and offer treatment recommendations, even while offsite. If your child requires an X-ray, you can take comfort in knowing that Children”s utilizes advanced technology to reduce radiation doses by up to 50 percent compared to adult facilities.

Sometimes injuries are unavoidable, so it”s important to have a plan and know where to go for care.# Children”s has a convenient Gwinnett location for your Urgent Care needs.

Your closest Children”s Urgent Care Center:
2660 Satellite Blvd.
Duluth, GA 30096

Your closest Children”s Emergency Departments:”#
Scottish Rite
1001 Johnson Ferry Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30342

1405 Clifton Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30322

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