Stadler Law Group

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Pictured L-R: Jennifer Hardy, Christine Stadler and Shannon Bruce.

Managing Partner Christine M. Stadler
Christine Stadler is doing something unusual in the legal field. Her firm, Stadler Law Group, which Stadler founded in 1994, offers flat fee rates on all services. By giving clients a legal budget they can predict and afford, Stadler Law Group makes legal representation an option for everyone who wants to know the costs upfront.

“In this economic climate, we are able to understand the ramifications of divorce, debt and criminal situations and combine this insight with affordable services to help our clients in hard situations.”# Stadler says. “We have over 20 years of ligation and trial experience. There are not many firms that actually offer this level of knowledge and experience and still care about their client”s bottom line. I have seen too many cases where after the parties pay their attorney there is nothing left.”#

The Stadler Law Group provides clients with a team of experienced attorneys. Stadler specializes in domestic and family law. Attorney Shannon Bruce provides the firm with expertise in bankruptcy, debt settlement and estate planning. Attorney Jennifer Hardy rounds out the team with extensive experience in criminal, domestic violence and DUI. “So many times a client comes to us for a domestic law issue and after looking at their finances we realize we can help them solve other problems and help them get a total fresh start.”#

“We do not offer cookie cutter solutions to our client”s problems. We, as a team, listen to the client; figure out where they have been, what got them in that situation and how not to repeat it in the future. We do what”s right for you.”# For example, many firms will push their clients to bankruptcy, because it”s simple and fits within the box. Stadler Law Group works outside the box taking a comprehensive approach to find a solution that solves your problems now and empowers you for the future.

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