Summery Outdoor Crafts for Kids

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Beaded Utensil WindchimeThe web offers hundreds of crafts you can make with your kids this summer.

One easy project involves using old forks and spoons for a wind chime. You”ll need a sturdy stick to hang the cutlery from and some beads to string onto craft wire.

– Estimate by the length of your stick how many utensils will fit.
– You”ll want them close enough to hit against each other in the wind.
– Using wire cutters, snip off 8-inch lengths of wire, thread a few colorful beads on them, and securely wrap the ends around the forks and spoons.

Summer KidsOr, you might wish to make a bird feeder from a milk or juice carton and identify the kinds of birds that come by for a snack.

– First, draw and carefully cut out a rectangle on one side of the carton.
– Draw rectangles on the sides, also, but only cut the sides and bottoms of the rectangle, leaving the top to make a flap which you can bed outward to look like wings.
– From the first rectangle, cut two circles for eyes and a diamond shape for a beak.
– Glue the eyes on the top of the carton, and fold and glue the beak so that it hangs over the edge.
– Paint and decorate the carton so that it looks like a bird and place birdseed inside.
– Unfold a paper clip and punch a hole in the top of the carton for one end of the paper clip.
– Attach about 15 inches of fishing line to the clip.
– Hang outside a window and wait for the birds!

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