Surviving a Family Crisis

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FamilyIt”s inevitable when you play the game of life you”ll occasionally have to endure a bad hand, especially in today”s tough economic times. #Like you, at Gwinnett Magazine, we aren”t immune to the struggles and hurt we see at every turn.

In the links below, we share tips and insight to help those suffering a family crisis, whether that”s mental illness, homelessness, drug addiction, coping after a loss, and more. It”s our hope that this information will offer help and encouragement to those in need, because as we all know, the way you experience life comes down to how you play the hand you”re dealt.

Five Prevention Tips for Parents
Saving Your Marriage from Divorce
Seeking Spiritual Strength in God
The Do”s and Don”ts for Dealing with Mental Ill Family Members
Budgeting on a Reduced Income
Transitioning a Loved One to an Assisted Living Community
Addressing the Homeless Challenge in Gwinnett County
How to Stage a Family Intervention
Coping After the Loss of a Child


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