Tailgating Fun

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Whether you”re heading off to cheer on the Dawgs in Athens or downtown to Tech for some game day fun, check out these cool new finds for your next tailgate party before the season kicks-off.

Cooler Scooter
It doesn”t get any cooler than this! Ride around and visit fans and friends in the entire tailgate lot. You don”t even need to get up if someone needs a drink, just reach right into the cooler while sitting on top. This rideable cooler has a 300-watt electric motor, travels up to 13 mph, and holds a 250 lb. fan and up to 24 of your favorite tailgate beverages on ice.

Portable Pong
Aim for a good time at your next tailgate party with a portable pong game that doesn”t need a table. Bear Pong (no, it”s not misspelled) is an oversized version of the game that”s made for outdoor play. Set it up at your pre-game blowout, and it”s bound to draw lots of attention.

Easy Grilling
Throw on the burgers and brats without the hassle of lugging a clunky portable grill to your next tailgate. The new EZ Grill cooks up some great grill taste with 100 percent natural charcoal – no toxic chemicals. It”s also conveniently disposable so you can clean up quickly before kick-off and head into the stadium.