Temp Jobs Forever

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Why Placement Services are Some Employees# Dream

Cindy Nunez of Doraville has chosen to work in temporary positions for her full-time career. She signed up with Snelling Personnel of Duluth and goes from company to company filling in where needed with the possibility of a new location every week.

#Working as a temp means you have control and a choice. I can accommodate spontaneous family events (catastrophic or joyous) without causing a major disaster. When I need time off, I don#t feel like I#m cutting somebody#s arm off,# she said with a laugh.

Nunez said the people you work with are often extra nice because a temp is usually hired because they#re so needed. #The people you work with are wonderful because they#re grateful you#re there.#

Nunez does have some tips if you#re thinking of following this career path. #Sign up with multiple agencies to make sure there is always work available, and you can keep income coming in, and figure out a source for benefits # either through a spouse or the temporary agency,# she said. Snelling Personnel offers health benefits to their temporary employees.

And what kind of salary can you expect? Jamie Jones, vice president of Snelling, says it really depends on the job. Typically, you#re looking at $10 to $12 per hour, but some positions have offered as much as $23 an hour.