Ten Must-Have Spring Trends

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1. Bright Day Dresses
A dress is the easiest way to look pulled together quickly, but it”s even more delightful when you can choose from hues that look as if they were plucked from a crayon box.

2. Modern Romance
Take classic elements like ruffles, florals, lace and peplums and apply them to shapes that are lean, geometric and exaggerated. This runway to rack result is femininity that replaces dainty with drama.

3. Prints Galore
Inspired by a passion for retro – bright colors, big florals and bold graphics are this spring”s patterns that let you celebrate your individuality.

4. Pleats
Whether they have knife, accordion, or superfine crystal pleats, precisely folded clothing go beyond the pleats on private-school uniforms to be both sophisticated and classy.

5. High Waists
A staple look of the “70s and “80s makes your legs look longer, the dreaded “muffin top” bulge vanishes, and anyone with a long torso can leave her blazer button undone.

6. Nature Prints
Be one with nature as these jungles flower power prints celebrate the wonders of the environment we need to cherish.

7. Sporty
It”s fun step out in those high-contrast colors direct from the playing field in fabrics designed for comfort, speed and breathability!

8. Hi-Gloss
With so many designers referencing the sea this season, there was an abundance of must-have clothing radiating iridescence, opalescence and water as if lit by moonlight.

9. The “Dress” Shirt
The crisp white shirt is easy way to look fresh without much fuss. Plus it looks good on everyone!

10. Bold Pastels
Like a blossoming flower, these exuberant hues entice even those who shy away from paler versions.

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