The Changing Landscape of Continuing Education

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It”s All About Getting and Keeping a Job

By Mary Welch

Not too long ago, continuing education consisted of classes such as ceramics, flower arranging, intro to Chinese cooking, and ballroom dancing. Today, continuing education is less about personal enrichment classes and more towards providing training useful in getting jobs or birthing entrepreneurs.

Along with a change of curriculum comes a change in the type of student signing up for continuing education.

David McCulloch, vice president of economic development at Gwinnett Tech, has seen an increase in enrollment in the last couple of years and of a different type of student.

“Those coming into our continuing education programs now are people who lost their jobs and want to get into a new career,”# he said. “We are also seeing students who are employed but are anticipating a change in their employment status. They either think they might lose their jobs in the near future and want to be ready for future job opportunities or they anticipate taking on more duties in their job and want to be able to ramp up their skills.”#

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