The Circus is Coming to Town

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Looking for something to delight your children but also entertain you? Then get your tickets now for Stone Mountain#s Big Apple Circus.

This unique event combines classic one-ring circus acrobatics, trapeze artists and animal tricks with a theater performance. Celebrating its 25th anniversary production, the Big Apple Circus has tailored this year#s performance to salute the immigrant New York of the early 1900s.

Expect to see a world-class juggler, who flips as many as seven clubs at once. And a seven-member acrobatic troupe from Russia will amaze the audience with daredevil somersaults and back flips. They also make your head spin with dynamic trapeze maneuvers.

The animal tricks come into full play with a pack of frisky poodles jumping through hoops, dancing on their hind legs and taking cats for a walk.

Beautiful horses are part of the act as a performer jumps rope and dances upon one equine. Kids (and adults) will be amazed at the acrobats who create a human pyramid atop four moving horses.

And what would a circus be without clowns? Circus goers will get their fill of the regular clown stunts set in scenes like Coney Island.

The circus will be in town from Feb. 15 through March 2. Call 770-498-5633 for more information, or visit

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