The future of FairTax

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Tax Day…April 15. Just around the corner! Are you ready?

And, do you believe we need a change? I do!

If you are like thousands of other Gwinnett citizens, you are beginning to think about getting prepared to assemble your 2004 income taxes. It is a task that only the tax accountants seem to enjoy. Yet, as we struggle to understand a very complex set of rules and complete an even more archaic set of paperwork, I am reminded by Gwinnett County”s Congressman John Linder that his FairTax proposal would eliminate all income taxes, all taxes on capital gains, all payroll taxes, the self-employment tax, and the gift and death taxes. In the place of those assorted burdens, the government would impose a 23 percent sales tax on all retail sales of new goods and services. Everyone can understand the process!

Congressman Linder is the primary sponsor of what many believe to be one of the most innovative and sweeping pieces of legislation to be introduced in the history of our Republic. After reviewing the Linder FairTax legislation and the positive ramifications it could have for all of us,

I believe the FairTax legislation or legislation of a similar nature holds the key to keeping American businesses and products competitive in a worldwide market. My editorial is simply sending out a message and asking all business leaders and community stakeholders to be part of the discussion, and let”s support Congressman Linder in getting this legislation debated and passed on the behalf of the American people. 

The FairTax is a bipartisan proposal that would shift the federal government”s method of funding operations from income-based taxes to a personal consumption tax. John often tells me, "April 15th has become a day that Americans have come to dread. The FairTax is the right thing to do to generate economic growth and help create new jobs." He has been the primary sponsor of the FairTax since 1999, and thanks to his tireless efforts on behalf of the American taxpayer, John believes we are closer now than ever to making April 15 just another day.

Per John”s web site,, where you can find more valuable information, "the FairTax offers long-needed tax relief – in the form of lower prices, nearly nonexistent compliance costs, and the ability to choose how much to spend in taxes – to all Americans, while eliminating the income tax and allowing Americans to keep 100 percent of their paycheck. The FairTax will dramatically reduce prices, protect and ensure funding of Social Security and Medicare, empower the low-income earners, and put choice and control back into the hands of every American." To ensure that the 21st Century is another American century of prosperity and to renew our people”s faith in our

tax structure, we must change the way we fund our national obligations. John Linder”s FairTax is one very brig