Things are About to Get Juicy.

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From athletes to celebrities, there’s a considerable amount of anecdotal evidence that attributes a surge in health to the powers of juicing. And, after all of this buzz about juicing and detoxing, we started to wonder if we should be racing to our nearest juice bar or Bed, Bath & Beyond. So, we asked the experts at Juices Wild in Buford and Juice Bar in Suwanee to weigh-in and give us the low-down on what really makes juicing so beneficial to your health. 

All the fruits & veggies! 
We’re supposed to get 9 servings a day, and just one cup of juice covers nearly half of that. Juices also give you all of the plant benefits in a liquid that absorbs quickly.

Re-boost your body 
Juicing gives you lasting energy throughout the day with no crash. It also contains chlorophyll that builds and detoxifies your blood.

Life-enhancing benefits 
95% of the vitamins, enzymes and immune-boosting nutrients that help you fight off illnesses and allergies are naturally found in the juice of raw fruits and veggies.

Look better, feel better 
Drinking juice is a healthy habit that will contribute to weight loss and leave you with vibrant skin and a  glowing complexion.

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