Think Globally. Act Locally. Eat Well.

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eatlocallyThe term “locavore”# refers to anyone who seeks out locally-produced food.# In the last 10 years, the farm-to-table movement has grown rapidly alongside environmental awareness.

Essentially, the trend emphasizes the serving of fresh food grown generally within 100 miles of the consumer.# Some restaurants grow their produce in gardens on the premises, but most purchase from farmers” markets or organic farms.

The movement originally began as a simple quest for fresher food but has recently taken on a more political slant as more people turn from genetically-altered products.# Also, shorter shipping distances cut down on vehicles” carbon emissions and the need for refrigeration and preservatives.# Climate, obviously, plays a hand in seasonable availability since areas with harsher winters have a much shorter local growing season.

The devoted locavore, therefore, faces challenges and compromises, such as justifying the energy to heat greenhouses in cold climates.# In addition, some products, like coffee and certain spices, will, by necessity, be difficult or impossible to grow locally.

Despite drawbacks, many find that farm-to-table restaurants offer fresher, better tasting foods.# To visit a farm-to-table restaurant, try Local Republic in Lawrenceville, Graft in Grayson, The Moveable Feast at Farmhouse 17 in Norcross and 1910 Public House in Lilburn.