This is my favorite time of year#and I have no idea what to call it

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Publisher’s Letter

It’s not just spring. We’re beyond the early March and April days of the season when there was still a chill in the air. The yellow haze of pollen is gone — big thanks to Mother Nature for the two solid weeks of rain that washed allergy season away. But it’s not summer yet either. Let’s face it, no matter what the calendar says, summer doesn’t start until school gets out and “school nights” are over.

So, if I had to label my favorite time of year, I’d call it the spring side of summer.

You know the signs of this season … graduation banners at neighborhood entrances, a few wedding shower invitations, sports fields full of kids’ teams and a slew of city festivals. Oh sure, there’s work to be done during the spring side of summer — I’ve beautified the deck, scrubbed the cushions on the outdoor furniture and finished all the planting. (Tomatoes in on May 1; tomato sandwiches by July 4th.)

We’ve had the first of many dinners on the deck, the great ones that start early and go late, until the candles burn out. I started with just the girls, confirmed a success when my husband wandered out to ask what were still laughing about at 1 a.m. (Seriously, almost 20 years with these friends and he still doesn’t get it? We never run out of things to laugh about.)

But the best part of this time of year is the anticipation of summer. There’s not a student (or teacher, God bless you all) that can’t tell you exactly how many more days (and maybe hours) are left until school’s out. They are not alone in this joyful countdown. Who doesn’t love summer? A more relaxed schedule, a greater sense of freedom, the suspension of some rules, a few more lazy days, a long-awaited vacation. Whether it all turns out perfectly or not, the excitement and anticipation are worth capturing.

You’ll find some of the joys of the summer season featured in this issue. Food trucks are back, and we’ve got news about some of the great mobile eateries making the rounds in Gwinnett. If you’re looking for a sure place to find your favorites, check out Food Truck Friday at Suwanee Town Center Park. Looking for fruits of the season? Head to Washington Farms in Loganville. It’s strawberry time now, and we’ve got picking tips and recipes, too. And, not that we’re always focused on food (okay, we are), but check out the great line-up for Gwinnett Restaurant Week, too!

Hope your summer shapes up to be great!

P.S. Looking for more great things to do this season? Check out the event calendar.