This Mom Doesn”t Take Her “Little Joy” for Granted

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Hayley Hayes missed being a Halloween baby by hours.

“She was getting big, so my doctor planned to induce labor to avoid a Cesarean section,”# explains her mom and Suwanee resident, Kelly Hayes, who took Hayley”s three-year-old brother, Jackson, trick-or-treating before heading to Northside Hospital. “I planned on being admitted to the hospital the night before, so we had our family Halloween celebration first to make it easier on Jackson.”#

The Hayes family welcomed their 9-pound, 13-ounce, 23-inch baby girl the next day.

Although Kelly says she was, “lucky with both pregnancies,”# that fact is a miracle. Not only had she suffered back injuries when younger, Kelly had a melanoma removed when 18 and has since been cancer free.

Both children were in a breech position leading up to their births. A solid advocate of the chiropractic care that has given her relief from back pain, prior to Jackson”s delivery she sought a chiropractic alignment that she feels helped him move into position just a week before her water broke.

When Kelly realized at 28 weeks that Hayley, too, was breech, she proactively went to her regular chiropractor/massage team at the Chiropractic Center of Norcross for chiropractic alignments every week until giving birth – an action Kelly swears moved Haley into position.

Three months later, normal is great for Kelly. Hayley has started smiling and giggling. “It”s fun having a little girl,”# admits Kelly. “I”m exclusively breastfeeding her. She”s a good eater and growing well.”#

Knowing that her doctor would be the same and that she would deliver at the same hospital are the reasons Kelly gives as having made this second pregnancy less nerve-wracking.

As for her family”s transition from three to four people, Kelly reports that, “Jackson is at an age that he can help out, like handing me a diaper. He has adjusted fabulously.”#

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