Today, She Celebrates!

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Caroline, 2008

Heroes Project Update: Caroline Robinson

Last time we checked-in with Caroline Robinson, she was our March/April cover girl newlywed battling a rare type of breast cancer, mucinous carcinoma. Today, she celebrates! “I finished all surgeries and treatment as of November 2008. And this past summer was my three-year “cancerversary.”” She continues, “We had a party at our new home, inviting family and friends. It was a HUGE milestone for us!”

Caroline, 2011

Caroline and her husband, Cade, also recently purchased their first home in Grayson and are in the process of making their new house a home. “Three years after my diagnosis, it feels like life has returned to normal. I get up, go to work, come home and make dinner, ” she says. “We have the same struggles as anyone else and most days, I don”t even think about our experience. Although, I”m grateful for reminders.”

She continues to explain a recent conversation with a lady in a restaurant that recognized her from the March/April issue and began to share her personal cancer treatment story. Caroline recalls, “She told me that I had been her inspiration because if I – being as young as I was – could get through cancer then she could do the same. It reminded me that I have a huge responsibility to continue sharing my story, supporting other survivors and spreading the word about breast cancer awareness.”

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