Top-quality Printing

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Trinity Press certainly qualifies as “award-winning printing.” The most-awarded printer of their size in Georgia for the past three years, Trinity Press has just added to their impressive awards roster. This past May, the Printing Association of Georgia (PIAG) awarded Trinity Press 20 awards # 11 Best of Category, eight Awards of Excellence and one Top Gold Award. Since Trinity Press specializes in non-process color, being awarded the Top Gold Award for Non-Process Color was especially exciting.

Dave McMullen, who handles sales and marketing for Trinity, attributes the company”s success to its commitment to the highest ideals of quality and service. “We are small enough to care for every customer, but large enough to offer the same services and technologies of the biggest printers.”

Providing a wide range of services # from business cards to direct mail # Trinity prints for all business needs. They also offer customer service technologies such as online order entry, online proofing, direct-to-plate printing, fulfillment (inventory maintenance and distribution) and custom services. And it”s all backed by a 100 percent guarantee and knowledgeable and experienced service representatives.

Owned by Joe Dye, Trinity was started 18 years ago and recently moved to a new facility in Norcross, more than doubling their building size. With seven awards in 1998, 12 in 1999, 13 in 2000, 20 in 2001 and 20 in 2002, Trinity Press is proving their commitment to excellence.

For more information, call 770-248-1964.