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Pull up a chair. Have a seat.

Make sure it”s a comfortable one. After all, you”re going to be sitting there five days a week for eight hour stretches. But that doesn”t mean you have to sacrifice style for comfort. There”s a lot of office furniture out there that”s both practical and sleek. The space that surrounds one”s workspace should also follow that formula.

Start with the basics: an office desk and chair is your standard workstation. Decide what style of desk you”d like – be it traditional, contemporary or classic wood – and then determine what”s most affordable for you.

Choosing a new chair is like choosing a new car: the more options you ask for the more you”re gonna pay. Features run the gamut. Office chairs include adjustments for back angle, height, seat angle, swivel and lumbar support. They come in cloth, wood, plastic, leather and metal.

At the end of the day, looks don”t matter so much as practicality and ease of use. So, choose accordingly. After all, you”re going to be there for a while. At least until retirement.

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