Trot to Clot Walk and Run to Benefit Camp Wannaklot

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Hemophilia of Georgia invites you to participate in the Trot to Clot Walk and Run on Saturday, May 19, 2012, at Stone Mountain Park.# This fun, family-centered event will raise money to fund Camp Wannaklot, the only camp in Georgia that gives kids and teens who have inherited bleeding disorders the chance to have fun, learn new skills, and be with other kids just like them. Most importantly, Camp Wannaklot campers learn how to manage their own treatment.

Children who are born with severe hemophilia usually get three infusions of clotting factor medication every week.# That”s more than 2,500 shots by the time they grow up.# These kids aren”t allowed to play dangerous sports like football because the risk of injury is too great.# But at Camp Wannaklot they can ride the giant swing, climb the rock wall, and go down the zip line.

At Camp Wannaklot, kids who have bleeding disorders learn what they can do.# And often, the kids learn how to give themselves those injections of clotting factor so they aren”t dependent on their parents or nurses to get the medication they need to stay healthy.

When you run or walk in the Trot to Clot, you”re helping to ensure that Camp Wannaklot will continue to offer kids who have bleeding disorders the opportunity to share new experiences, make new friends, and develop the skills they need to become independent.

There”s something for everyone at the Trot to Clot Walk and Run:

”   #The Trot to Clot Run is a 5K run around the base of Stone Mountain. Prizes will be awarded for the top finishing male and female runners.

”   #The Trot to Clot Walk route is around the base of Stone Mountain.# Walkers are encouraged to go at their own pace and to walk as much or as little as is comfortable.

”   #The Tot Trot is a short walk for kids aged 2 and younger.

For more information and to register for the Trot to Clot Walk and Run, please visit

Camp Wannaklot will be held July 21-27, 2012 at Camp Twin Lakes in Rutledge, Georgia.# Camp Wannaklot depends on the dedicated efforts of more than 100 caring volunteers to live, laugh, and play with the campers.# To learn more about volunteering at Camp Wannaklot please visit