Turning Old Town Into a Work of Art

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Don”t be fooled by the life-like mural on the side of the Cofer Electric Building. Lilburn city officials assure you, it”s just a painting.

The Lilburn City Council recently commissioned a local artist to paint a mural on the brick building at the corner of Railroad Avenue and Main Street in Old Town. The building”s surface – or the canvas one might say – was donated by Alan Cofer, who owns it.

Lilburn resident Sonny Franks and nationally known artist Chris Shuster transformed it into a work of art over a period of several weeks.

 “In addition to the character and beauty the mural brings to the city, the interest it has generated is great for Old Town. The mural is becoming a landmark for Lilburn – people are always pulling over on Railroad Avenue to take pictures. I have a feeling that this is just the first step in turning Old Town into a work of art,” said Doug Stacks, city planning and economic development director.

The mural was paid for by the city”s public art fund. Businesses constructing a building valued at more than $750,000 are asked to contribute to the fund in lieu of placing a work of art in their commercial developments.

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