Using Innovation to Transform Education

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The beginning of a new school year in Gwinnett County Public Schools is always an exciting time… and this year has been no exception. In 2014-2015 we continue to focus on our core business of teaching and learning, and doing the ordinary extraordinarily well, but we also are moving forward with innovations to transform education in our schools.

Some examples are eCLASS 2.0, career academies in five high schools, new entrepreneurship initiatives, and the Dual Language Immersion Program in three elementary schools. These innovations put into action our commitment to improve student achievement through new approaches to teaching our Academic Knowledge and Skills curriculum. They are just the beginning!

Throughout my career in education I have held a steadfast belief in the power of public schools to positively impact the lives of children, the quality of communities, and the security and prosperity of our nation. But schools must always look to improve and respond to changing expectations and conditions. The innovations we are launching this fall are tied to our work to continuously improve. Never content with the status quo, we pursue new ideas and methods that empower and inspire us – as students, to take responsibility for their own education; as educators, to work diligently to ensure students are ready for the future; as families, to engage in meaningful ways in our children”s education; and as communities, to support our local schools because they benefit us all.

The need never has been greater for schools, homes, business communities, cities, counties, and states to take collective responsibility for the success of the public schools, which educate the vast majority of America”s children. Throughout this year the Gwinnett County Board of Education and I will seek to increase civic engagement in our schools, and build the capacity of our staff, parents, and citizens to fulfill their roles in making Gwinnett County Public Schools the system of world-class schools we envision.

This new year holds great promise for over 172,400 students, our employees, and our community. Working together we can make it a year marked by excellent teaching, innovation, and continued progress in our schools. The excitement continues!

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