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Want a Streetlight in Your Neighborhood?

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street-lightsResidents of streets and subdivisions built before streetlights were required can now get help lighting their neighborhoods. Gwinnett commissioners on Tuesday approved a resolution to use 2009 SPLOST funds to buy and install standard streetlights as long as property owners agree to pay operating and maintenance costs.

Since June 1997, Gwinnett has required developers to install streetlights in new subdivisions. Operating costs are billed annually to property owners as a fee on the property tax bill. The development ordinance allows residents in older areas to petition the Gwinnett Department of Transportation for streetlighting if they agree to pay electricity and maintenance costs.

Gwinnett Police Chief Charles Walters supports the move, saying, “Increased lighting has been shown to have a direct effect on reducing crime. This program is an important factor in improving the safety of our older communities.”#

Interested residents can get more information on the petition process from the Gwinnett DOT Community Relations office at 770.822.7400 or by emailing DOTCommunityRelations@gwinnettcounty.com.

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