Watching Duck Dynasty Can Help Your Business

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Duck Dynasty
Photo courtesy of AETN/Art Streiber

Business “# Ripple

What captures the imagination often starts a ripple that leads to big shifts in thinking. So it”s no wonder#an off-the-wall TV program can reshape dialogue about business practices, giving popular culture a toehold in the corporate boardroom – much like the A&E network”s most watched series Duck Dynasty is doing.

America is captivated by the quirky Robertson family personalities that drive this Louisiana duck call manufacturing business, Duck Commander. Their zany fun is chronicled through slice of life vignettes that are actually sub-plots to the series” core business messages. Tune into an episode to get a refresher on business dynamics and puzzle through the dichotomy of how bushy beards, camo and backwoods logic mesh with mainstream suburbia – a classic business culture analogy.

Carving his niche from humble beginnings four decades ago, Phil Robertson, known as The Duck Commander, patented a duck call design and then stuck to a simple, yet effective marketing strategy. But he did more than that. He persevered against incredible odds, with an almost fairytale rags to riches storyline. How?

Phil made the business a family affair. His all hands on deck work ethic has given each family member the chance to nurture their individual talents, skills and creativity – a decades-long demonstration of leadership and strategy that has propelled this sporting empire into a branding phenomenon.

Duck Dynasty is laugh-out-loud, family-friendly entertainment that cleverly shares with viewers the Robertson”s deep-seated values. Watch a few episodes and you soon catch the savvy undercurrent that makes this wildly successful family business tick – they”re in this together, thanks to Phil.

The show”s genius is in camouflaging each episode”s business#lesson. The plots stem from company-related issues and play out in hilarious fashion as the characters” pull you in with their regal redneck demeanor and goofball antics. The simple, yet brilliant messages are business 101.

Even better, you”re so engrossed you don”t even realize the show”s subconscious allure is as singular as the call of the Duck Commander to waterfowl.