What is a life coach?

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Do you feel as though something hinders you from reaching your full potential? Are you frustrated with not reaching your goals but aren#t sure what#s holding you back? Or are you happy with your success but want to achieve more?

For those times in life when you need something more than a therapist, friend or consultant, you#ll find a life coach invaluable. Life coaches help you become the best you can be, they challenge you to take risks that will strengthen you, and they hold you accountable, along with much more.

#A coach is your success partner. They help you clarify your life or business vision and help you reach goals you have defined,# says Jennifer Whitaker of the Institute for Performance Excellence, based in Snellville. Whitaker does executive and business coaching and, in the past, has been a life coach. #People enjoy doing what they#re good at, and part of our goal is to help them find those strengths and set goals around them,# said Whitaker.

Coaching differs from therapy in that it doesn#t delve into the past or look in-depth at issues, nor does it provide answers. Instead, coaching helps you focus on the present and future and find your own answers. Many

successful entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals use life coaches to help them accomplish even more.

Having a life coach allows you to:

” Set goals you really want to reach

” Find balance in your life

” Have a clearer focus through getting an objective view from someone else that has your best interests at heart.

” Ultimately, feel better since you#ll be happy and productive.

You#ll be challenged to reach for goals you might not have on your own. And each step of the way, a life coach will be there providing you with the tools and resources you need and the encouragement to keep going.

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