What”s Cool at School

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Keep up with your teen and the latest trends and fads that are hitting the halls in all of the local middle schools and high schools! We”ve got a breakdown of the latest fashion and beauty trends for girls and guys, as well as info on the never-ending vampire trend.

If you”re the parent of a teenage daughter, you probably can”t wait for the vampire trend to die, but it looks like it”s going to be a long afterlife. The Twilight Series of movies and books are still going strong. One of the last movies in the series, "Breaking Dawn" is scheduled to hit theaters next summer. In the meantime, teens and tweens can get their Vampire fix from the TV show, "The Vampire Diaries" or even the Twilight parody movie, "Vampires Suck."

The makeup trend that”s gaining popularity this year with young women is glitter-infused eye shadow and eyeliner. It”s a fun trend that lets teens express themselves without being a distraction to others in school.

Although snazzy hats aren”t allowed in the hallways, fedoras are a popular fashion trend among teen guys this fall. The hats are cute and easy to just throw on with anything. In fact, they”re perfectly paired with t-shirts and button down shirts.