What”s up with a job this summer?

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Available jobs for teens are teeming at a host of summer camps across the country and around the world. A well-run camp can offer teens more than a paycheck.. They”ll get leadership and career training generally not available with fast-food or mall jobs.

Working as a camp counselor can provide an inexperienced teen with early career skills in fields such as education, social work, sports and recreation, healthcare and safety, hotel management, environmental sciences, and travel/tourism.

Invaluable is the chance to explore interests, not to mention the opportunity to demonstrate leadership and intellectual curiosity on that all-important college application.

"Working at camp is as essential as going to college,"says one male counselor who specializes in archery." The experience counseling offered me was priceless. Camp is the best way to learn to communicate with others in an effective way."

Best of all, interested teens can do what they love. There”s a camp or camp program for everything from watersports to performing arts, website management, cooking, fitness, and a long list of academics like engineering, archeology and creative writing.

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