Where Does Passion Come From?

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I”ve been getting that question a lot these days –
Passion comes from having a high degree of purpose and meaning in what you do.

So where do you find purpose and meaning?

What do you do if purpose and meaning have “left the building”#?

How do you get it back?

What if you feel like you never really had it to begin with – ever.

Experts tell us to look within

Or look outside

Or ask the universe

Or just work harder and quit thinking about it

Or figure it out on your own

Or set some goals

Or make it happen

Or settle

Or worse yet, passion is something given to the young before the world comes and gobbles you up with REALITY!

Are you ready for the good news?# Every single one of us is suppose to live a life of passion.# No exceptions!# If we aren”t living a life fill of purpose and meaning could it simply mean we have gotten off track somewhere along the way?# And if that”s the case, should we be so bold to think we just need to get back on track?

Or find the track?

Could it be that easy?

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